Pre-Primary Program

The Pre-Primary environment is for children 16 to 35 months old.

Everything in the Pre-Primary environment is precisely designed to support the needs of our youngest children. At this stage we stress social interaction with other children, development of language, practical life skills, music, and movement activities. The curriculum also includes activities that allow the children to develop fine and gross motor coordination and visual discrimination through the senses and learning materials.

The transition from home to school is a big one at this age. That’s why we carefully plan our Pre-Primary environment to be as warm and home-like as possible. From dustpans and brooms to sinks and coat hooks, everything is “Toddler size.” From sorting and matching work to practical life exercises, all activities are ready to be explored and mastered. All of this helps minimize frustration while building skills and self-confidence. Every lesson and activity is purposefully created to help the young child achieve greater independence, one small step at a time.